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Spanish Immersion Travel: Oaxaca, México and Lima & Cusco, Perú in 2024

¡Hola a todos! Today I have updates on Spanish travel immersion programs for 2024. 

We will be headed to Lima & Cusco, Perú in August, and Oaxaca, México in October!

During January and February, I’ll be sharing photos and videos of both destinations to give you an idea of what we’ll see and do during the program. January is all about Oaxaca, México, and in February we’ll feature Lima & Cusco, Perú. You can find these photos and videos on all Clases Con Elizabeth social media accounts: instagram, facebook, linkedin. I'll be periodically posting more in depth information here in the blog. Don't forget to check it out!

For both the Mexico & Peru programs, I’ve curated an itinerary and activities specifically with adult learners in mind. We're going to explore new cities, eat new foods, see new sites, and also connect with local teachers, practice our Spanish, and invest in educational efforts in the communities we will be visiting. While waiting for details to be finalized, here’s a bit more information on the programs are in the works:

Program Length: Programs will be about 6-10 days in length. These are intentionally short-term programs, meant to fit into a busy schedule for those who may not be able to travel abroad for longer periods of time. 

Spanish Immersion: Given the short-term nature of the program, we want to make the most of every opportunity to learn and speak the language. You and fellow travelers are encouraged to stay in the target language as MUCH as possible - not only with the local people, but also with fellow travelers. This is your opportunity to immerse yourself and give your Spanish skills a boost to the next level. 

Spanish Classes: you will also receive Spanish classes while in the destination country. This gives you an opportunity to learn from the locals and to receive individual language support during the program. Grammar and vocabulary questions often come up during travel; these classes are included to support your language goals while abroad. 

Bilingual Program Leader: I’m coming with you! :) I am excited to share my love of Spanish and years of language teaching and traveling experience with adult travelers looking to immerse themselves in the language and reach the next level in their language abilities. I'll be with you during the program to organize the group activities and support students in their language growth.

Educational Investment in the Destination Country: These programs are born from a love of travel, language learning, cultural exchange, and the belief in the power of education. All programs will have an element of educational investment. Some programs include a direct donation to a local non-profit or school, and others include accommodations in hotels that donate a portion of proceeds to local educational efforts. No matter the program, not only are you investing in your own language growth, you will also be supporting educational programs in the destination country. 

Pricing, Inclusions, Exclusions: I’m currently in conversations with my local contacts in both Peru and Oaxaca to finalize the activities, tours, hotels, and overall pricing. As soon as this is finalized, I will share more details. I expect to have this information ready by the end of January or early February 2024. 

¿Qué esperas? ¡Vamos de viaje!





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