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Practica los Números: ¡Los vas a necesitar!

Watch the first video for Spanish practice and the second video for the message in English:

Summary: numbers may feel boring to learn, but they are ESSENTIAL! You'll need them to understand the time, restaurant and souvenir prices, currency exchange, how long the walking tour lasts, etc. There's no way around it: you'll need to understand numbers during a language immersion experience!

Take a moment over the next several days to refresh your numbers. 0-1,000.

Wait, 1,000?! That's too many numbers to learn! The good news: you don't have to learn 1,000 individual numbers. You have to learn groups of numbers, which will allow you to communicate about thousands of numbers.

  1. By ones: 0-20.

  2. By tens: 10-100.

  3. By the hundreds: 100-900.

  4. Want to keep going? By the thousands: 1000-10,000.

You might be wondering... why do I have to learn so many numbers?

  • You need numbers 1-59 to tell time: 3:20, 5:35, 7:45, 11:55...

  • If you're traveling with me to Oaxaca, México this fall, the currency exchange at the time of posting is around 1 USD = 18 MXN. This means your dinner could cost 450 pesos. The souvenir you're eyeing could cost between 200 or 890 pesos.

  • The 100s-1000s are used to talk about years: 500 BC, 800 AD, 1786, 1985, 2024 (think guided tours about the history of a city or site).

Remember: don't expect to learn everything in a day! Take some time to study, review, and then come back to numbers again in a few days or weeks. Exposure and practice are key. Start with 1-20. Once you're comfortable, move on to 10-100 and then 100-900. And then- go back to the beginning! It's important to refresh.

Ready to get started? Explore this link. The top half of the page contains exercises; scroll down for a list of numbers and audio for pronunciation. Note: you may have to create a free account to access the site.

Another link: Numbers 100-999

Videos on 10-100:

Video on 100-1,000:

¡Buena suerte con sus estudios! Como siempre, déjenme saber si tienen preguntas.


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