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Part 2: Sharing a Memory - 10 de junio 2023

Let's talk in the past!

Topic of the Day - Sharing a Story / Memory in the Past Tense

Think of a memory from your childhood, the story of how you met your spouse/partner, an adventure you had with a friend, or another significant memory. What was the situation? What happened? Who was there? Why is this an important memory? Be prepared to share a story with the class and also ask other students about their stories.

Here are some questions to get us started:

¿Qué pasó?

¿Cuándo pasó?

¿Con quién estabas?

¿Dónde estabas?

¿Qué pasó después?

¿Por qué es especial o importante este recuerdo?

¿Cómo conociste a .... tu pareja/esposo/esposa/amigo/amiga, etc?

¿Hace cuánto tiempo?

Be prepared not only to answer these questions, but to also ask your partner questions. Make sure that you are taking turns asking questions and giving information - just like a real conversation!

Feeling nervous about Conversation Class? Think about how you would answer the questions above. Look up some words beforehand.

Prepare a few questions to ask your partner: when you ask the questions during conversation instead of always answering the questions, it can help you feel in control. It also gives you a break from speaking.

Need more of a challenge? Prepare questions that get you out of your comfort zone, and be prepared to answer them as well. Use these questions with the teacher for level-appropriate conversation.

Remember: We are all here to practice our Spanish and feel more confident in a new language. Mistakes are expected, and it's how we grow!

Nos vemos en clase. :)

Photo by Hadija on Unsplash

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