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Oaxaca, México Exploratory Trip 2023

I have big news to share! I will be traveling to Oaxaca, México in about 2 weeks. I've been thinking that Mexico would be a great place for a week-long Spanish immersion program for adult learners, and I've received several recommendations to visit Oaxaca. This will be my first time both in Oaxaca and my first time in Mexico! I'm very excited to visit a city that I've heard so much about and to try out the activities that I'd like to share with students one day. Unfortunately, I'm already seeing that I won't have enough time- there's so much to see and do and eat and experience!

What would a future, week-long immersion Spanish immersion program for adult learners look like? It could potentially include the following activities:

  1. Go out to eat as a group, but coordinate with the restaurant ahead of time to let them know we're Spanish learners and might require a bit of patience. :)

  2. Have a group Spanish lesson in the morning about navigating and making purchases in a local market. In the afternoon, go to the market but let individuals shop on their own and practice what we learned in the morning.

  3. Take a city tour together and ask the guide to stay in Spanish the whole time.

  4. Include both group activities and free time for you to explore as you please.

  5. Etc...

These are a few ideas I have while in the brainstorming phase. But it's time to get out of the idea phase and actually visit the city!

During my exploratory trip, I plan to participate in a walking city tour, see Hierve el Agua and Monté Alban, book a mezcal tour, visit the markets, explore the city, and find favorite spots to share with students on a future immersion trip. I'll be participating in tours and activities with the mindset of creating an itinerary for Spanish learners visiting the city.

If you're from Oaxaca, have family in Oaxaca, have previously traveled to Oaxaca, or have a connection to the city... I'd love to hear your suggestions, ideas, or tips before I take off. Let me know what I can't miss! Espero sus comentarios. :)


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