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How to Choose: Lima & Cusco, Perú or Oaxaca, México?

Updated: Apr 16

Quick Oaxaca Program facts:

  • One location: we'll take day trips from Oaxaca City

  • One hotel for the week

  • No flights during the trip

  • Program takes place in October

  • City tours, time in nature, Spanish classes, group activities, and free time on your own

  • Oaxaca City is known for its cuisine, including several types of mole, the markets and street food, mezcal, art galleries, rich cultural heritage, colorful streets, and its Día de los Muertos celebrations.

Quick Perú Program facts:

  • Locations include Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu

  • Different hotels throughout the program

  • Transportation within Perú: flights, trains, busses

  • Program takes place in August

  • City tours, time in nature, Spanish classes, group activities, and free time on your own

  • Lima is known for its award-winning gastronomy (lomo saltado, ceviche, pisco, and more), colonial architecture, views of the Pacific coast and its trendy neighborhoods. Cusco is known as the former capital of the Incas and sits high in the Andes Mountains as a gateway to a wonder of the world, Machu Picchu.

Diversity in Spanish accents

There is so much diversity within the Spanish language. Depending on the corner of the world you’re in, Spanish speakers may use vosotros or ustedes to address a group of people. You could hear the use of either or vos to speak with someone casually. The word usted is typically reserved for formal situations or to show respect, but did you know that in some regions usted is just as common for friends and family? Outside of pronouns usage, there’s so much variety in accents across countries: from Spain to Cuba to Argentina to Ecuador and more… where should Spanish-learners even start?!

The answer to this question depends on your own geographical location, the Spanish speakers that you will be interacting with most often, and your personal goals. As someone who is currently living in the United States, the Spanish that I most often hear is from Latin America. Which makes a lot of sense, considering that the largest populations of Spanish speakers in the US are from México, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Guatemala, Colombia, and Honduras, according to,

Which accent is the easiest to learn? That's a subjective question. Everyone's individual experiences will vary, especially if you've already been exposed to a certain accent or have experience listening to and conversing with people from a specific location.

I highly encourage people to listen and practice your Spanish with people from a variety of locations to experience the rich diversity of the Spanish language throughout your language-learning journey!

Should you travel to Perú or México to practice your Spanish? 

I recommend choosing a program based on (1) the destination that most interests you and (2) the itinerary most aligned with the experience you want.

Perú is a little heavier on the adventure side: we’ll be in two different cities, with an altitude change, and bus, train, flights along the way. The trade off for the travel within the Perú itinerary is being able to see a wonder of the world, Machu Picchu. On the other hand, Oaxaca’s itinerary is all in the same city with less moving parts, and will still include fun activities such as a cooking class and a mezcal tour. Are you looking for an itinerary that includes two cities and the opportunity to see more of the country? Or would you rather make one city your home-base for the week?

Both locations have a variety of activities included, along with a language-focused goal of speaking Spanish as much as possible. We'll spend time in nature, explore the city, have guided tours of the main attractions, receive Spanish classes, eat meals as a group, and have time to bond with fellow travelers and also the freedom to explore on your own. In the end, there is no right answer. I recommend choosing a program based on the destination that most interests you and the itinerary that is most aligned with the experience you want:

Enrollment Deadline for México: June 15, 2024

LIMA & CUSCO, PERÚ - AUGUST 2024 (registration closed)

Enrollment Deadline for Perú: April 3, 2024 (registration closed)

¿Qué esperas? ¡Vamos de viaje!

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