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Enroll Soon: Save $100 on the Oaxaca, México Spanish Immersion Travel Program!

Spanish Immersion Travel Program to Oaxaca, México

October 13-19, 2024

SAVE $100: Enroll by May 15, 2024

Final enrollment deadline: June 15, 2024.

Oaxaca is known for its cuisine, including several types of mole, markets, street food, mezcal, art galleries, rich cultural heritage, colorful streets, Día de los Muertos celebrations, and so much more. I'm excited to spend a week in México with Spanish learners as we practice the language, take Spanish classes, and explore all that Oaxaca has to offer.

This program is specifically designed with adult Spanish language learners in mind. Immerse yourself the culture, history, and the language. Travel with a Spanish teacher to support your language growth and to coordinate guided activities.

What do I love about this program? Here are a few reasons...

  • Our hotel invests in educational programs in the Oaxaca area:

    • I selected this hotel intentionally so that as visitors, we will also be investing in the local community. See below for more info on Hotel Con Corazón.

  • Spanish classes included to support your language goals:

    • Although you will be practicing your Spanish every day, sometimes it helps to have dedicated time to ask questions and learn about grammar and vocabulary.

  • Cooking class:

    • Walk to the market for fresh ingredients and prepare food together

  • City walking tour to familiarize yourself with the area:

    • I met a great guide during my last visit to Oaxaca, and I've requested his services for our group, too. :)

  • Mezcal tour to get a taste of the region:

    • I love a good mezcal cocktail, but even for the non-drinker, learning about mezcal production is way to experience the region's history and culture.

  • Day trips to learn about the Zapotec culture and enjoy the natural landscapes:

    • We'll have a good mix of adventures both inside and outside the city.

  • A culinary experience:

    • Enjoy group meal reservations & also free time to explore the food scene as you wish

Just a vacation? It's so much more...

The program is born of a love for conscious travel, language learning, education, and investing in local communities. For these reasons, the group will stay at Hotel Con Corazón for the duration of the program. This hotel "invests most of its profits in education. Our Oaxaca program supports students from low-income families in and around Oaxaca city in their education path, in order to give them a head start at the labour market and break their families' poverty cycle." Read more HERE.

Program Objectives

  • Develop and enhance your Spanish skills through travel

  • Gain an understanding of the culture and history

  • Build connections with locals and fellow travelers

  • Explore Oaxaca's iconic sites and also have flexibility for casual exploration

Who Should Attend?

  • Those who want to practice Spanish through travel.

  • Learners with varying proficiency levels welcome. Language requirements: 

    • Basic foundation in Spanish. 

    • Willingness to practice the language before departure.

    • Commitment to speaking Spanish during the program (as much as possible).

    • Ability to attend virtual, pre-departure classes and meetings.

  • Travelers seeking an adventure itinerary: we will be moving, walking, hiking, traveling, and also staying in the language as much as possible. This program can be both physically and mentally challenging. If you have any questions about itinerary accessibility, please reach out.

Bilingual Program Leader

I'll be joining you on the program! I have been teaching languages and traveling internationally since 2010. My travels include personal, professional, private, and group programs. To learn more, visit the following link or the Instagram account @clasesconelizabeth.

Language Immersion

Participants are encouraged to communicate in Spanish as much as possible with the local people and fellow travelers. Language growth is a main focus of the program; this is your opportunity for immersion and to give your Spanish skills a boost to the next level!

¿Qué esperas? ¡Nos vemos en Oaxaca!

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