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Favorite Places / Places You Enjoy - March 5

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Optional: students can prepare their own questions related to Topic of the Day. This helps move the conversation along and also gives students practice forming sentences and using new vocabulary. Be prepared to not only ask your questions, but also answer them.

Topic of the Day - Week 4: Favorite Places / Places you Enjoy

Talk about your favorite places: your living room, a museum, a friend's house, a city nearby, a national park, another area of the country, another country, etc. It can be as close or as far away as you'd like. They also doesn't have to be your "favorite" places - they can just be spaces that you enjoy.

Option #1: Stay in the present tense:

  • ¿Dónde es tu lugar favorito?

    • Mi lugar favorito...

    • No es mi lugar favorito, pero un espacio que me gusta...

  • ¿Te gusta estar en ese sitio con gente, o prefieres estar solo/a/e?

  • ¿Es un lugar tranquilo o con más movimiento?

  • ¿Qué haces mientras estás allí?

  • ¿Por qué te gusta este sitio?

  • ¿Vas a / visitas este sitio con mucha frecuencia?

  • ¿Cuántas veces por semana / mes / año vas a este sitio?

In addition to these basic questions, what you talk about will depend heavily on what type of spaces you choose. For example, if a certain city is your favorite place, you may be talking about your favorite restaurants or spots in the city that you always visit. If an art museum is a space that you enjoy, you may be talking about different artists and/or art mediums. If a space that you enjoy is your own living room, be prepared to talk about what the living room looks like in addition to why you like the space and what you do in the space.

Option #2: Use the Past Tense to talk about a Recent Trip / Outing to a Favorite Space

  • ¿Dónde es tu lugar favorito?

    • Mi lugar favorito...

    • No es mi lugar favorito, pero un espacio que me gusta...

  • ¿A dónde fuiste?

  • ¿Por cuánto tiempo estuviste allí? / ¿Por cuánto tiempo te quedaste?

  • ¿Qué hiciste?

  • ¿Con quién estuviste?

  • ¿Qué comiste?

  • ¿Cuándo fuiste?

  • Etc...

Option #3: Use the Conditional Tense to talking about a Potential Destination

  • ¿A dónde irías?

    • Yo iría...

    • Me gustaría visitar...

  • ¿Por cuánto tiempo estarías allí? / ¿Por cuánto tiempo te quedarías?

  • ¿Qué harías?

  • ¿Con quién estarías?

  • ¿Qué comerías?

  • ¿Por qué escogerías ese sitio?

  • Etc...

Feeling nervous about Conversation Class? Think about how you would answer the questions above. Look up some words before class. You don't have to speak in both present and past tense/conditional tense. If you are studying the present tense conjugation at the moment, stay in the present. That is perfectly fine, and it's great practice!

Prepare a few questions to ask your partner: when you ask the questions during conversation instead of always answering the questions, it can help you feel in control. It also gives you a break from speaking.

Need more of a challenge? Prepare questions that get you out of your comfort zone, and be prepared to answer them as well. Use these questions with the teacher for level-appropriate conversation.

Remember: We are all here to practice our Spanish and feel more confident in a new language. Mistakes are expected, and it's how we grow!

Nos vemos en clase. :)

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