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Something You're Looking Forward To: March 19

Updated: Mar 7

Optional: students can prepare their own questions related to Topic of the Day. This helps move the conversation along and also gives students practice forming sentences and using new vocabulary. Be prepared to not only ask your questions, but also answer them.

Topic of the Day - Week 7: Something You're Looking Forward To

Talk about upcoming plans, or something you're looking forward to: your weekend plans, visiting family, meeting up with a friend, an upcoming trip, summer vacation, etc. What are you looking forward to? What plans do you have? It can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like - whatever you're looking forward to.

Some questions to get you started:

  • ¿Cuáles son tus planes?

  • ¿Con quién vas a estar?

  • ¿Qué vas a hacer?

  • ¿A dónde vas?

  • ¿Cómo te estás preparando?

  • ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que _____ ?

  • ¿Qué vas a comer?

  • ¿Cuántos días quedan para el evento o la fecha?

  • ¿Por qué estás emocionado/a/e?

  • ¿Es algo que has hecho antes?

  • ¿Con cuánta frecuencia ____ ?

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