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¡Hola! Mi nombre es Elizabeth. 

Here's a little bit about me and my journey to teaching online Spanish classes.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Language & Literature

  • Lived in Lima, Perú for 2 years, immersed in the language.

  • Taught English to adults throughout Lima & obtained a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate  

  • Lived and worked in Madrid, Spain as an English Language Assistant with elementary students 

  • Returned to the USA and worked in in a public high school, providing translations & interpretations to/from English & Spanish to connect families to the education system

  • Developed lesson plans for after-school programs for students and informational classes for parents

  • Taught Spanish to adults and children of various ages, both individual and group classes 

  • Taught ESL to adult learners and coordinated evening education program 

  • Coordinated travel abroad programs to Spanish-speaking countries; programs included staying with a host family and fostering  international connections: developed curriculum, lesson plans, and tools to support language growth & cultural competence 

  • Currently a high school Cultural Liaison, helping connect students and families to their education through culturally and linguistically appropriate support

  • And finally, I return to Lima, Perú as often as possible. I met my husband in Peru and we love coming back home to visit friends and family and eat as much Peruvian food as possible!

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