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Clases Con Elizabeth
Content Classes

How long is class?

Content Classes meet once a week for a 1-hour virtual class over Zoom.

How long is a course?

A complete Content Class Course takes place over 9 weeks: 8 weeks of content and grammar lessons and 1 final class for review and final conversations. 


How many courses are offered in a year?

There are typically 3 courses a year: Winter/Spring session (Jan-Mar), a summer session (Jun-Jul), and a fall session (Sept-Nov).

How do I access the virtual class?

Students receive an email before class starts with the unique Zoom meeting link for that day.

It's recommended that students in the same household log in on different devices. 

What does the 1-hour class look like?

Content Classes follow a curriculum designed for English speakers, with the goal of learning basic grammar rules in order to start speaking the language. We work on pronunciation and practice answering and asking basic questions.  


Each week a different grammar lesson is presented. After reviewing the grammar lesson as a class, students have the opportunity to apply the lesson and practice their pronunciation and/or conversation skills with guided exercises. This provides students the opportunity to ask questions as they arise and receive feedback and corrections in the moment from an experienced Spanish teacher. 

What materials do I need?

You will need: (1) dependable internet connection and (2) a device such as a computer or tablet. It's recommended that students use a computer instead of their phone, as it will be easier to see the shared screen during class and participate in the exercises.


You may need to download Zoom before your first class; don't wait until class is starting to see if your Zoom is up to date.  

Although not required, it is helpful to have a notebook dedicated to your Spanish studies. You can make notes on important grammar points and lists of new words. Some instructions for self-study exercises between classes include a notebook.

How many students are in a class?

Content Classes have between 1-5 students in each class. The maximum class size is 5 students to maintain the quality of the learning environment and to allow each participant to practice their Spanish and receive feedback. 

Can I access the materials seen in class?

Yes! You will receive the materials via email 1-2 days after class. The link to these materials also include a curated list of websites to continue practicing: listening comprehension exercises, vocabulary flashcards, etc. These resources are personalized to the needs of students in class that day; they are meant to guide your Spanish-learning practice between classes, and they are included with each class registration. 

Is there homework?

There is no required homework. However, students are encouraged to use the Additional Resources sent after class for language retention and additional practice. Students who dedicate even just 10-15 minutes a day to study the materials will see significantly more progress than students who do not. That being said, life can get pretty busy. If you are unable to find time to study between classes, you can still attend the next class.  

Will I be fluent after taking this class?

Learning a language takes time, dedication, and patience. Clases Con Elizabeth sessions to not guarantee fluency within any specific amount of time, because the amount of time it takes to learn a new language can vary greatly depending on each student, their learning style, and the amount of time that students are able to dedicate to self-study outside of class. Fluency is a journey; it's not a destination that can be given a specific time-frame.

Generally speaking, the goals for all class levels are to increase confidence speaking in Spanish, practice holding basic conversations, and improve listening comprehension skills. 

What is the price?

You can find prices & bundle options here

Are there discounts available?

Yes! Students who purchase a Bundle of classes receive a discount on registration. Same-household students also receive a discount. 

You can receive the latest information on discounts and class offerings by subscribing to Clases Con Elizabeth on the home page. 

How do I register for a class or session?

Students need to register for each class individually, regardless of whether they choose to pay for classes individually or with a Bundle. Individual registration saves your spot in class and lets the teacher know who is attending class that day. You can either: 

(1) Register and pay for each class individually, or

(2) Purchase a Bundle of classes and receive a discount. If you purchase a Bundle, you still need to sign up for each class beforehand. Students with Bundles are able to register for individual classes without additional payment. 

You can register for class here and find bundle options here

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