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Here you'll find updates on what's currently going on with Clases Con Elizabeth: whether it's news about class offerings, sample topics for Conversation Class, or updates on future immersion programs. 


Are you ready to eat new foods, explore new cities, see the sites, be immersed in the language, and take your Spanish skills to the next level? Join us on a Spanish Immersion Travel Program in Perú or México!

The programs are specifically designed with adult Spanish language learners in mind. Immerse yourself the culture, history, and language the destination country. Travel with an experienced language teacher to support your Spanish immersion and coordinate the guided activities. This experience includes Spanish classes while abroad and language support throughout the trip. There are several group activities with fellow Spanish learners included, and there is also flexibility for alone time and to explore as you wish!

You'll find all details on the Spanish Immersion Travel Programs at the following links:

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Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions:






The countdown begins! The details on the Perú & México Spanish Travel Immersion Programs, including the itinerary, activities, tours, inclusions, exclusions, and pricing, will be available this February 14, 2024. I'm excited to share more with you!

In the meantime, below is a preview of the itineraries in each country. Keep in mind, there may be minor changes to these itineraries before the full program is published on Wednesday. But I couldn't wait any longer and wanted to share a preview with you all!

While waiting for the finalized details, take a look at the following information to see if these travel programs are the right fit for you:

Program Objectives

  • Develop and enhance your Spanish skills through travel

  • Gain a greater understanding of your program destination's culture and history

  • Build connections with locals and fellow travelers

  • Explore the iconic sites and also have flexibility for informal exploration

Who should attend?

This program has been intentionally designed for language learners and those interested in cultural immersion, while allowing opportunity to discover the must-see tourist sites and also the local spots. Who should book this program?

  • Adult Spanish learners who want to practice Spanish through international travel, but who may not able to participate in long-term study abroad programs or other types of extended stays

  • Learners with varying proficiency levels are welcome. Trip language requirements: 

  • Basic foundation and/or understanding of Spanish

  • Willingness to practice your language skills before departure

  • Dedication to using the language throughout the trip

  • Able to attend any pre-departure classes and/or meetings

  • Travelers who are physically and mentally ready for an adventure itinerary: we will be moving, walking, hiking, traveling, and also staying in the language as much as possible. This program is both physically and mentally challenging.

Bilingual Program Leader

The group will be accompanied by an experienced Spanish teacher as the Bilingual Program Leader to support participants' language growth and to coordinate the group activities.

Language Immersion

Participants are encouraged to communicate in Spanish as much as possible with both the local people and fellow travelers. Language growth is a main focus of the program, and this is your opportunity to immerse yourself and give your Spanish skills a boost to the next level! The majority of tours included in the program are given primarily in Spanish (although there may be times when guides use English).

International Airfare:

The international flights are not included in the program price. Participants may departing from different locations, and it would be difficult if not impossible to book everyone on the same international flights. This will allow you the flexibility to book the airline, flight schedule, seat, etc., of your choice. Important: there is a minimum number of participants required for the program to be confirmed. It's advisable to wait for the program to be confirmed before purchasing your international airfare, even if you have already booked your spot on the trip. The program will not be officially confirmed for travel until there are a minimum of 5-8 participants registered (depending on your destination), not including the program leader.

In Oaxaca: The group will stay at Hotel Con Corazón, which "invests most of its profits in education. Our Oaxaca program supports students from low-income families in and around Oaxaca city in their education path, in order to give them a head start at the labour market and break their families' poverty cycle." Read more here:

In Perú: A portion of the program price will be donated directly to Peruvian educational organization and/or a local school to support local educational programs. By traveling on a Clases Con Elizabeth program to Perú, you will also be creating positive impact by investing in local educational efforts.

¿Qué esperas? ¡Vamos de viaje!



Photo by Eddie Kiszka on Unsplash



Photo by ryan doyle on Unsplash


Photo by Kurt Cotoaga on Unsplash

I’m looking forward to our hotel stay in Oaxaca. If you’ve traveled with me, you know this is pretty atypical hotel behavior. When it comes to visiting new destinations, I get excited about the sites, the food, and learning about the local way of life. The hotel selection is usually pretty low on my list of priorities… so why am I so excited about our accommodations in Oaxaca, México?

We’ll be staying at Hotel Con Corazón for the entirety of the week-long program. First of all, the building itself is beautiful design. During my stay, I felt as though I was coming “home” to a tree house at the end of the day. Rooms are connected by an open air common space, where you’ll find several trees whose branches extend throughout the property, giving a sense of calm and closeness to nature even while inside the hotel. There are casual seating areas placed throughout lofty space, including an open deck with plants, a small herb garden, and a view of a nearby hill dotted with homes. The hotel is conveniently located a walk or short taxi ride away from several points of interest, yet also quiet and calm enough for travelers to relax after a day of exploring and walking in the Oaxacan sun. Not to mention, the hotel staff is very welcoming and kind.

But.. I still haven’t shared why I’m truly excited about Hotel Con Corazón. As an educator, I strongly believe in access to education and supporting students to achieve their full potential. I've had the privilege of working with young people to promote their wellbeing, navigate life challenges, and support academic success, and Hotel Con Corazón aligns closely with these values. Instead of telling you about it myself, I'd like to share a few excerpts from their website:

"Hotel con Corazón invests most of its profits in education. Our Oaxaca program supports students from low-income families in and around Oaxaca city in their education path, in order to give them a head start at the labour market and break their families' poverty cycle."

"When you stay with us you help create a brighter future for the youth of Oaxaca, as we invest our profits in local education. Moreover, we operate our hotel as sustainable as possible and we promote responsible travel, making our place amongst the best hotels for travelers who want to give back to the local community and travel consciously."

"Students [may] abandon their schooling due to a lack of economic resources and motivation, as well as a sizable jump in difficulty level between junior high and high school that leaves them ill prepared and unmotivated. To address these problems, we developed an Education Program together with local partners, which consist of several pillars." I encourage you to learn more here:

The painting below was in my room during the last stay. Read on to learn about Jenifer, a participant in Hotel Con Corazon's program and a future Civil or Architectural Engineer:

Bonus: these delicious hotel breakfasts will have the group energized and ready for a full day of activities. Pictured below: fresh fruit with honey, nuts, and yogurt, and a fresh mango ceviche. And yes, that's a cup of Oaxacan hot chocolate for breakfast. ;)

More views from the hotel:

I'm excited to have Hotel Con Corazón as our home base during the language program in Oaxaca. It will serve as a launch point for daily adventures and a place to relax at the end of a long day, while also investing in educational programs in the local community and creating meaningful impact.

¿Qué esperas? ¡Vamos de viaje!

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