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Clases Con Elizabeth

Online Spanish Classes for Adults &

Online Spanish Learning Resources

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Online Spanish Classes

Clases con Elizabeth lessons are designed for English speakers to work on Spanish pronunciation, conversation skills, and listening comprehension. Live classes allow the opportunity to ask questions and receive support in the moment from an experienced language teacher:
  • Guided language study by a teacher with over 13 years of experience

  • Small class sizes: groups classes only 1-6 students to maintain a quality learning environment

  • Conversation and pronunciation practice

  • Grammar simplified: learn what you need to know to start talking

  • Consistency: each lesson is designed & taught by the same teacher

  • Focus on native-speaker pronunciation, listening comprehension, and conversation skills

  • Options to pay-per-class or purchase Bundles of classes for a discount

Online Learning Resources

Explore reading comprehension exercises, audios, and digital workbooks. 

Open Book

Meet Your Teacher

I am excited to bring my love of Spanish and years of language teaching to the virtual classroom to help others speak a new language. Learn more about my experience as a teacher, traveler, and language-learner, and about my approach to Spanish curriculum for adults. 

- Elizabeth

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