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Clases Con Elizabeth

Spanish Immersion Group Trip for Adults

Online Spanish Learning Resources

Online Spanish Classes for Adult Learners

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Spanish Immersion Group Trip
for Adult Learners

Details on upcoming Spanish language immersion travel program for adults. 

Travel Blog

Recounting past travels for an idea of what it's like to participate in a Clases Con Elizabeth immersion travel program.

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Travel Program Leader

I am excited to share my love of Spanish and years of language teaching and traveling experience with adult travelers looking to immerse themselves in the language and reach the next level in their language abilities. Click below to learn more about my experience as a teacher, traveler, and language-learner.

- Elizabeth

Online Spanish Classes

*Note: Clases Con Elizabeth started as virtual Spanish classes for adult learners. We're currently taking a pause from virtual class offerings, and will soon be offering Spanish immersion  ravel.  If you'd like to learn more about the previously offered virtual classes, read on: 
Open Book

Online Learning Resources

Explore reading comprehension texts to increase your vocabulary and see examples of the words and grammar in action. 

Stay in Touch

Stay in the know on upcoming sessions, class offerings, discounts,

and future travel & immersion opportunities:


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